The Accessible & Inclusive Travel Conference in the Asia-Pacific (AITCAP project)



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Manon David, GetAboutAble

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Rocking Rose

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The Accessible & Inclusive Travel Conference in the Asia-Pacific – or AITCAP project for short – is a yearly event that provides all tourism stakeholders (businesses, tour operators, policy makers, DMOs) with an opportunity to:
LEARN how to cater to the valuable accessible & inclusive market to promote sustainable growth
CONNECT with each other to create momentum and contribute to the upgrowth of the sector.

The AITCAP project and conference was launched as a streaming event in 2021 during Covid lockdowns in Australia. Using ingenious web software, designed to make watching online conferences fully inclusive the first AITCAP broadcast to a small audience of travellers with accessible needs, and some venues and tour operators.

Rebuilt from the ground-up with lesson learned firmly in mind in 2022, the current AITCAP platform functions both as a repository of previous conferences, sold as digital access products, as the main streaming platform for the online conference going forward, and as a marketing and sales tool both the in person conference and the online conference. The first in person conference was hosted in The Gold Coast, in partnership with the Queensland State Government and the City of Gold Coast in 2022.

The conference, and the organisers, GetAboutAble, are renowned for their inclusivity, captions, moving transcripts, embedded Auslan are just the tip of the iceberg, and responding and adjusting to user feedback for improvements is both a challenge and a delight, when working with this passionate team of inclusivity and access champions.

Complexities of access control include finely-grained roles and permissions, as the 2021 conference took place on 4 seperate days, stretched across the 4 weeks of May 2021. Tickets, and video access are sold on a per day, or whole conference basis, or any combination of videos. Technical aspects of content control ensures purchasers only have access to the videos purchased.

Conversion to GA4 tracking to accurately gauge not only live attendance, but also activities and finely detailed click tracking to assess usefulness of the variety of features in the AITCAP project, as well as work to increase the mobile responsiveness of the live broadcast have rounded out the 2023 iteration of this project.

the home page for the AITCAP project showing the gallery of testimonials and the videos available for purchase as well as free webinars and other content that is available.