Michael Bay and the disastrous Transformers debacle (2017)

Michael Bay Transformers Is Awful - Michael Bay And The Disastrous Transformers Debacle (2017)

I wrote this blog a fair while ago – about what I called “The Transformers Debacle”, but as I work through many years of Rocking Rose, and making it past a few more than a couple of years around, I have really been thinking of this blog, and my thoughts around having vision, and a […]

How to automate your online booking system for small business

Automate Calendar Bookings - How To Automate Your Online Booking System For Small Business

I love writing Guest Blogs. Sharing tips about how to make technology work for you, and your business is something I enjoy immensely. In 2018,  I wrote up a little something for Angela Henderson , from Finlee and Me, and Angela Henderson Consulting, on how to automate your online booking system. The blog is syndicated […]

How to add a user to your Google Analytics Account

4B439Eb4 94C9 4F35 Bbf1 Cc1Efa2D46A8 - How To Add A User To Your Google Analytics Account

One of my biggest bug-bears is sharing logins where it isn’t necessary. Why would you want to add a user to your Google Analytics, when you could simply give them your login? Sharing passwords for account is always risky, and no matter how trustworthy an individual person is, when your passwords get shared far and wide, […]

How do I know if an email is a phishing attempt?

Phishinglighbox1200X900 - How Do I Know If An Email Is A Phishing Attempt?

The heading of this blog is one  of the questions I am asked quite frequently in my security and password sessions. Specifically, how I tell personally,  if an email is a phishing attempt- and what advice I give for managers to take back to their teams and any future staff around dealing with phishing attempts. […]

What the end of Net Neutrality means for Australian Business

Binary Code In White Font Floating Over A Black Background Representing Internet Coding And Traffic

What is Net Neutrality ?  Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and without favouring or blocking particular products or websites. So what does the end of Net Neutrality mean, and how does it affect Australians?  The first sentence on the […]

What you need to know about BadRabbit malware (2018)

Stephs Take On The Tech News - What You Need To Know About Badrabbit Malware (2018)

Here’s what’s important to know about BadRabbit malware – if you’re a business owner BadRabbit is ransomware If infected,  your computer will be locked down , and you will be extorted to pay money (currently around $300 or equivalent in bitcoin). There are 2 ways that it spreads Primary infection on a network is via […]

The single most common password could cost you everything

Instag Passwords - The Single Most Common Password Could Cost You Everything

Every year we get to read all about the most common passwords of the year before. This release of info comes from several different companies who compile the information based on the known hacks of the previous year. In this blog – I’m referencing a company called SplashData . Their 2017 list was published late in […]

Phishing : the Small Business Lowdown

Phishinglighbox1200X900 - Phishing : The Small Business Lowdown

So, you got this email the other day from AGL , or perhaps one of the big banks , Westpac maybe. And the strangest thing happened when you went to login and verify your account because there was apparently an issue , and you needed to confirm some details for them. You seemed to be […]

DDOS : Distributed Denial of Service

Ddos Updated - Ddos : Distributed Denial Of Service

Once you have a website for your business, one of your worst nightmares becomes the fear that your website is down. Today’s post is a quick snapshot of one the nasties that could potentially bring your site down – and a couple of recommendations to mitigate and prevent the impact. So, lets talk about a […]

Why you need a password manager

Keyboard With Crumpled Sticky Notes Showing Old And New Passwords - Which Is A Security Risk And Why You Need A Password Manager

If you’re wondering why you need a Password Manager, even after notable and big name breaches and hacks that seem to make the news almost weekly; I’ve got you covered with a short explanation. And if you prefer to watch videos, scroll down and click play. What is a Password Manager ? It’s a tool […]