This is a very short entry as I am in the middle of frantically trying to finish up a first draft version of a functional spec , for various stakeholders to take a first stab at a review .

I thought I would quickly post something regarding the rather fortunate discovery that I made today with regards to a lovely person by the name of Pavel Hruby —- his website is here.

This bastion of decency and fundamental niceness has put together stencils for what appears to be all versions of Visio, for UML2.2.

Yes that’s right – all the RIGHT shapes and icons and stereotypes, in Visio.

I am beside myself with joy, as now I no longer have to sit creating ‘pseudo’shapes and objects , events and classes with all the wrong base classes to get the shapes and diagrams the right way round.

The link to the stencils themselves is : and I have saved it into my links on the left.

If I believed in A higher Power ( which I don’t) I would say God Bless Pavel Hruby. But I’ll settle for making a donation to his cause , and spreading the word through my blog.

For once I get to do a diagram right without struggling my ass off to phenagle the shapes around the correct UML2.2 notation.